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Windows 8 Setup: Setup has failed to apply migration data

I imagine there are a lot of ways a Migration installation on Win 8 could fail, but just to share my fix…

I did a Windows 8 Upgrade from Windows 7, and about 30% into the Migration phase, this error:

Setup has failed to apply migration data.

… Followed by a rollback to Windows 7.

This error tells you nothing – very frustrating. Look in the logs located in C:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources (surf around in there and you’ll find the log file that applies, possibly in the \Migration folder).

In my case, I noticed an entry that pointed to a Migration Error – it couldn’t move my desktop.ini file in my Music folder. It was looking for C:\Users\bpotter\Music\desktop.ini and couldn’t find it, failed the migration, and triggered a rollback.

I deleted the desktop.ini file (I don’t really care if I lose the folder view settings for my Music folder) and the install and migration completed successfully.