IIS Smooth Streaming Performance Testing Tool

If you are deploying a Smooth Streaming infrastructure, you already know it’s all HTTP-based. Requests for little video chunks hit your web server, and your web server looks up the correct video “chunk” within the audio/video file and serves it up.

However, it’s can be difficult to get a good benchmark on how your infrastructure is doing at serving up chunks, especially when your Silverlight clients are seeing random buffering errors or you run into scaling problems.

First off, there is a lot of information available from the Smooth Streaming Health Monitor app – In a couple seconds you can have a trace of what decisions the Silverlight Adaptive Streaming Media Element is making and export that out to Excel.

But when you just need comprehensive chunk data on all bitrates to diagnose how your origin/CDN is doing, I made this app (almost called it “Chunker”):


Enter the manifest URL of the on-demand smooth stream you want to test (note that this does not currently support live or composite manifests), for example: http://server.com/streams/BigBuckBunny.ism/Manifest

Once you click Begin Test, a new test tab will open and start requesting chunks based on the manifest information. The results will tell you if you may have a problem with your disk IO on your origin or some other problem preventing chunks being delivered in a timely manner.

Note: Only the first 1000 bytes (almost 1K) of each chunk is downloaded. The point here is not to test bandwidth, but rather test your infrastructure’s performance as it relates to reading/seeking fragments and assembling chunks.

Hopefully based on the assessment of each chunk, you can get an idea of how your CDN / origin / standalone box is doing at delivering chunks.

Run Smooth Stream Performance Testing Tool (ClickOnce)

3 thoughts on “IIS Smooth Streaming Performance Testing Tool

  1. JCT

    Any chance you could post the source? I’d love to play around with the assessment metrics, and expand the testing for intranet use.

  2. Mark Jones

    One of our Smooth Streaming manifests is broken

    I am getting
    Retrieving manifest…
    Error: Manifest Parser Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    from the smooth Stream Performance testing tool

    I guess I will see if i can get the source running – this is my “favourite” useless Microsoft errror – it occurs everywhere


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