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Organize Files Monthly by Last Modified Date

I recently had a situation where I had a single folder with 50,000+ files in it (uploaded motion detection JPEG images from a surveillance camera), and I needed to split them up into folders by month to make it manageable. I wanted to look at the Last Modified Date of the file, and send it into its respective folder (i.e. 2009-02, 2009-03, etc).

Out of that came this simple little utility that does just that. I’ve ended up using it for a few situations so thought I’d go ahead and share it. This is written in .NET, so the .NET framework is required.

Download the utility

Instructions (also in instructions.txt):

This utility will take files in a folder, say, C:\Temp, and move files based on their Last Modified date into “monthly” folders.

For example, if two files exist in C:\Temp, file1.txt, and file2.txt, and the first was last modified in January 2009, and the second last modified in April 2009, this utility will move them into two respective folders:


By default, it will run in read-only mode, and not actually do anything with the files unless the -noReadOnly parameter is used.

Usage: filefolderdateorganizer “C:\Temp” -noReadOnly