Timer Job Monitoring Utility

One of the problems that seems to repeat itself over and over again in MOSS deployments / pushes, is that eventually you have trouble with Timer Jobs. The way to know if something is working or not is to keep refreshing the Jobs list in Central Administration, which gets to be a really clunky task, especially with more than a couple servers in the farm.

Soren Nielsen again has written an excellent post about how to fix them.

So yesterday I put together a little utility in Windows Forms that is designed to just give a little better visualization over what’s happening across the MOSS farm with Timer Jobs and SharePoint Services.

Timer Job Monitoring/Dashboard Utility

This utility simply connects to the local farm, categorizes all the running timer jobs (from SPFarm.Local.TimerService.RunningJobs) and puts them into one of 3 lists – Running / Incomplete / Idle. Also, I’ve tried to take an additional step out of problem diagnosis by showing the status of all SharePoint services across all servers in the farm. This is done through WMI by querying the Win32_Service class.

Everything is updated in 2-second intervals (since the point of this is to detect problems quickly in a deployment process).

If you’d like to try this out, you can download it here. (Just make sure you have the .NET Framework installed – which you should, if you’re running MOSS – and run from one of the farm servers.)

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